Removing Stains from Wood Floors

Removing stains from wood floors

Some tenants are lucky enough to live in apartments or rental homes with hardwood floors. Hardwood floors have a natural, glowing beauty that is impossible to replicate. However, they present cleaning and maintenance problems of their own. When water stains the hardwood, removing stains from wood floors can be difficult.

However, removing stains from wood floors is necessary to keep the floors of the rental unit maintained. The more quickly the stains are removed, the less damage they will do to the floor and the more easily they can be cleaned up.

Removing stains on wood floors

Most stains on wood floors come from water. When water has superficially stained the floor, the resulting stain will appear white. However, when water has soaked into the wood, the stain will be black. Other common elements that stain wood floors include paint or beverages such as red wine. Stains on wood floors should be wiped up right away to prevent them from soaking in. When the liquids are soaked up quickly, they may not have the chance to soak into the wood. Use a dry paper towel or cloth towel to remove the liquid.

Cleaning water rings

Removing stains from wood floors can be easier than it sounds. For example, white stains left by water are among the easiest to remove because these stains only touch the surface of the floor. To remove the stain, wet a ball of fine steel wool with lemon oil or orange oil to lubricate the steel wool and prevent the wool from scratching the floor. Gently scratch at the stain in a circular motion. Do not press too hard or the steel wool may scratch the wood floor.

Now, black water rings are are similar, but very difficult to remove; however, it can be done. Use a paint thinner, lacquer thinner, or stain remover to take the varnish off the floor. Then, use a ball of fine steel wool soaked in lemon oil or orange oil to scratch the stain out of the wood. Finally, re-stain the floor with a lacquer that matches the finish of the floor.

Removing paint

When removing stains from wood floors, paint may seem like it is difficult to take off without damaging the finish. However, paint is relatively easy to remove. First, wipe away any fresh paint with a clean paper towel. Then, use a gentle remover designed to take off stickers and other adhesives. Many of these removers will not damage wood floors. However, read the label to ensure that the product is safe to use on wood. If this product doesn’t work, use paint thinner to remove the paint, and then re-stain the floor.

Stains caused by red wine, lipstick, and other foods or cosmetics are also relatively easy to remove from wood floors by using warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Use the rough side of a sponge to gently scrub away the stain. But removing stains from wood floors that are serious means that with a little motivation and know how, you can remove anything in no time.