How do I get rid of bugs in my apartment?

How do I get rid of bugs in my apartment?

Dealing with bugs in your apartment is every tenant’s worst nightmare. Bugs in apartments are hard to eliminate because even if one apartment is exterminated, the next apartment may be infested. As a result, the clean apartment becomes re-infested and the cycle continues. Because of the potential for re-infestation, it is important to get the landlord involved when a tenant notices bugs in their apartment, because the entire building should be treated.

Is there really a problem?

One spider or beetle doesn’t necessarily mean that the apartment is infested. Spiders and other small bugs come and go through tiny cracks in the walls or from under the doors. However, many bugs or groups of baby bugs often indicate that there is a problem. A bug may have laid eggs in the apartment.

Dealing with apartment bugs is important, because some bugs and spiders are poisonous, making it vital to notify the landlord in a timely manner.

Cockroaches are an exception to the rule. If one cockroach is spotted, there are probably hundreds or even thousands more lurking in the dark recesses of the apartment. One indication of a large infestation is if the roaches are seen during the day, or in places that are inhospitable to them, such as the refrigerator. Cockroaches normally avoid daylight and cold places, so their presence there indicates that there are so many roaches that they are being overcrowded.

Fast measures to get rid of bugs

There are steps that a tenant can take while they wait for the landlord to exterminate the bugs in apartment. Laying traps or poisonous bait for the bugs will reduce their numbers on a temporary basis and offer the tenant some relief. However, it is important to avoid becoming complacent, because eventually bugs will travel over to the apartment from other apartments and re-infest the area unless measures are taken to exterminate the entire apartment building.

Landlord won’t exterminate?

Some landlords treat for bugs on a regular schedule and avoid having the exterminator come out for a call in between treatments. Taking photographs and showing the landlord the number of bugs may help convince him to treat the bugs in apartment. However, if he still won’t cooperate, a tenant can call the property management company. The final step is to call the health department and report the living conditions. The health department can force the landlord to exterminate the apartments or face a fine.

Finally, some tenants have successfully gone to the media to report the problem in an effort to shame the landlord into acting. Whatever path you end up choosing, just remember that learning how do I get rid of bugs in my apartment can be frustrating, but it is necessary.

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