Montana Landlord Tenant Law

Montana landlord tenant law is governed by the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of 1977 as well as local laws and ordinances. Like most other states, tenant rights in Montana are very specific.

Security Deposits

Tenant rights in Montana do not place a limit on the amount of the security deposit that the landlord can charge. However, the landlord can only withhold the security deposit for damages made to the rental unit. Under Montana tenant rights, the landlord cannot deduct unpaid rent or other fees from the security deposit or they will be in violation of Montana landlord tenant law.

Tenant rights in Montana state that the landlord must furnish the entire security deposit to the tenant within 30 days of the tenant surrendering the keys, or they must provide an itemized list of charges to the tenant, under Montana tenant rights.


Montana tenant rights stipulate that the landlord is responsible for all repairs necessary to make the rental unit safe and healthy to live in. Under Montana landlord tenant law, the landlord cannot require a tenant to make any repairs unless the circumstances and types of repairs are stated in the lease. However, tenant rights in Montana are very specific about the circumstances in which the landlord can request that the tenant does the repairs.

If the landlord does not require that the tenant makes repairs, Montana tenant rights allows the tenant to make the repairs him or herself and deduct the amount from the rent, or end the rental agreement. However, they must complete these actions in a manner that is compliant with Montana landlord tenant law.

Under tenant rights in Montana, if the tenant fails to maintain the property, such as by not cleaning or by allowing their pets to destroy the property, the landlord can make the repairs and charge the tenant for the repairs. Montana tenant rights state that the landlord must provide an itemized list of the repairs to the tenant.


Under tenant rights in Montana, the landlord must issue appropriate notice before entering the rental unit. Montana tenant rights state that the landlord cannot enter the dwelling unlawfully or in a manner that is harassing to the tenant. However, the tenant has the responsibility, under Montana landlord tenant law, to allow the landlord to enter the dwelling for reasonable requests, such as to inspect the property or to make repairs.


Montana landlord tenant law allows the landlord to evict the tenant for several reasons. According to tenant rights in Montana, tenants can be evicted for the non payment of rent, for not maintaining their rental property, for rule violations, for criminal activity, or for other violations. Under Montana tenant rights, the landlord must issue either a three day or a fifteen day notice before pursuing eviction. The amount of time for the notice allowable under Montana landlord tenant law depends on the type of violation.